Joining a Webinar or Event

Webinar Booking

Joining a Live Webinar or Event

About 6 days before the webinar you will receive an email from us with the link to join the live webinar. If you do not hear from us please check your junk mail folder before contacting us and asking for the link.

To make sure that everything will work well on the day check your connection speed and Flash Version prior to the event. If you have not already done so please visit

Make sure you are using the connection and computer that you will be using on the day. You need to check the first 3 stages of the test to make sure you have the correct version of Flash installed etc. to participate in the meetings. Please follow any instructions it gives you to update Flash on your computer. You may need to install the Connect application to run the test in some browsers.If whilst running this test it gives you the result Modem under Connection Speed please email us. It is important you do this before the webinar date as problems will not be able to be resolved whilst the webinar is in progress.

On the day you can enter by either clicking the link sent in your email or typing the web address in your browser. You may be asked to launch the Connect app by your browser in which case click to allow it.If you have the Connect application installed you can enter the url directly in that.

Webinar Test

Once there enter your name as a guest and click ‘Enter Room’. You must enter your full name as used in your booking otherwise access may be denied. Note: If you are a MISPA or CPA student you should click ‘Registered User’ and use your username and password to enter.

Your screen should then show the message ‘We are currently preparing the webinar room. You will be allowed access shortly before the webinar begins. Thank you.’ We will allow you entrance to the seminar room shortly before the webinar starts.

We will check everyone can see and hear the speaker during the first 10 minutes but cannot resolve other problems after that unless they affect everyone. If you are having problems log out and try and log in again – this usually solves most problems.

For best results please remember the following:

  • Do not run other applications in the background e.g. email, chat, Facebook, etc.
  • No one else should be sharing your broadband connection during the meeting

You can type questions you have as the seminar goes on in the chat box on the left hand side of the screen and the speaker will answer some at convenient intervals.

We will have one 10-15 minute break halfway through the webinar, you do not need to log out, just leave everything running.

Watching the Recording of a Webinar or Event

24-48 hours after the live webinar ends you will be sent an email with a link to watch the recordng - the recording will be available to stream 24 hours a day for one month.

Enter the link in your browser or if you have the Connect application installed you should enter the address in that. You will be given a password in the email to allow access. Enter that when requested.

When viewing it may take 60 seconds or more for it to connect and load so please be patient. Any problems with sound or vision can usually be corrected by closing your browser and logging in again.

Recordings require either Flash or the Connect App installed to play. Again, you can check if your flash version is up to date by visiting this page (you may need to install the Connect application to run the test in some browsers):

The recordings will not play on an iPad unless played through a flash enabled browser such as Puffin.

If you have any questions or problems then please email us before the day of the event.

Joining a Webinar or Event

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 Time Zones

Attendees who need to convert webinar times to their own time zone can use the site here.

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