Applying the philosophy of the astrological quadrants in theory and practice

Alexander von Schlieffen

Alexander von Schlieffen

Sunday 1st March 2020

15.30-18.00 GMT

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Webinar Description

The origin of the theory of the astrological quadrants is based on Aristoteles’ writings on the four causes (causa materialis, causa efficiens, causa formalis and causa finalis). Once we understand the inner dynamic of Aristoteles’ beautiful thoughts, we can easily apply them onto any birth chart. That will allow us to get a very quick and profound inside into the dynamic of the horoscope. This perspective requires some new interpretations of the astrological houses as well, this is more than fun.

Alexander is a painter, astrologer and musician and has been teaching and lecturing on astrology worldwide since 1996. He had his own astrology TV-show and has been a guest to numerous talkshows. He has released over a dozen audio books and was a columnist for the German edition of Vanity Fair. His first book, When chimpanzees dream astrology was published in 2003 by Liz Greene’s CPA Press. In 2013, his second book Im Netz der Beziehungen was published by the Chiron Press in Germany. Beside his practice as an astrological consultant, he writes astrology columns for a variety of magazines. Alexander is preparing an astrology podcast that will be released in early 2020.

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