Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology - Webinar 17 December 2017

Obsession, Possession, Control and Freedom: When relationships go wrong, How do we make them right?

Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell

Sunday 17th December 2017

15.30-18.00 GMT

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Webinar Description

Aspects between personal planets and the transpersonals, whether in the birth chart or by transit, often create havoc with relationship. Every relationship encodes a task, and it may not be the one we imagine at the very beginning. If you find yourself sleeping next to a monster, or living with a fury, you may have entered upon one of the archetypal tasks of relationship, the battle with your own demons. When it seems so right and then goes so wrong, it almost always has something to do with us. While we may avoid the wrong the wayward and the wicked, to truly grow, we also need to find the dropped stitch in our own pattern.

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